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Suspension / Brake

Control Arms

Steering Rack

Tie rod end

Rack End

Stabilizer Link


Shock Mountings

Ball Joints

Power Steering Pump

Brake Pads


Drums / Brake Shoes

Wheel Bearing / Hub

Brake Sensors


Brake Hydraulics

Your suspension system is part of your car’s chassis and includes your tires, struts, shock absorbers, air springs, steering, sway bars, and axles. There’s a front suspension and a rear suspension. The front suspension deals with steering and traction while the rear suspension helps keep your car from lowering and hitting the ground. In short, your suspension system works together to keep distance between your car’s frame and the road for optimum control.

Brakes are an essential piece of equipment that allow your car to do arguably the most important thing; stop.  Overtime, brakes are used up and require a level of maintenance that can be easily overlooked. As one of the primary safety functions of a car, Brake maintenance and servicing is not just for your own safety but also your passengers and the others that you share the road with.

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